Hello Fashion Designers: students, post-grads and graduates

I am been planning to mentor those who wants to pursue  100% before I retire. There’s always something to learn– always.


 —–and all the little projects in between, there is always something to do here! This would be perfect for somebody who wants first hand experience in gown construction and the bridal industry.


4 – 6 month internship (non-paid) for those interested in the design, dressmaking, and the bridal industry. Fabric & sewing knowledge preferred but not required.

duties include:

/ cutting/grouping gown skirts & bodices
/ prepping client gowns
/ ironing and steaming patterns & gowns
/ sewing room organization
/ basic sewing
/ advanced sewing (if up for the challenge!)

& more….

these are the requirements:

/ available 2-3 days, up to 16 hours a week
/ proactive & good at multitasking
/ a pleasure to be around
/ sewing knowledge is a plus


Please send a resume and a few sentences about yourself to . Deadline:  Sooner the better.



Degree in Fashion Designs is great if you know how to execute them. Before going to any Fashion Design school, my advice to any one is ask previous students first before hand. Whether it is wise to spend $20,000 and more or not. If you think is right then go ahead. Otherwise go alternative hands on learning. It’s direct, cheaper and better as you learn along the way many things and techniques.

My question to all wanna be designers is, Why you attend Fashion design school? What do you wish to get from it? What do you want to learn? What is your long term gaol and plan?

When you first decide to register or enrolled yourself  in one of this schools are you thinking of learning what you paid for?  Ask yourself what you’re getting at and ask honest previous students first whether this degree is right for you before spending $20+ grand and then ended working in a minimum wage and pay your student loan back at the same time after you graduate because you learnt nothing  and lost desires to pursue.

Success start from with in you. You have the power to go where you want to be. That is courage and the desires to achieve the higher gaol. Pursue the desires of your heart. Grab the opportunity in front of you.

Ellebay will re open its door again in teaching sewing classes by winter. Stay tune for an updates.


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